“Prior to my session, I was having significant anxiety and thoughts were taking over which I have never experienced before! I immediately got in touch with Peter and had a session which change my perceptions and body completely. The anxiety was an emotional process but he guided me and worked on me energetically to find my connection back into my center, breathing and calmness. I now feel more in touch with my real, authentic thoughts and living in the moment! I continue to use this knowledge, protocols and guidance to stay centered and balanced.” - Arianne Robichaux

“It’s no small thing to entrust your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies to another for healing. The world is a quantum soup full of spiritualists claiming to help you heal. It is rare to find the serious and safe expertise of a qualified and highly seasoned master Shaman like Peter Bulliard.
Due to “my very scary poor health issues” I was led to Peter and my experience was immediately PROFOUND!!! In tandem with his immense medical training, in very first session, I received relief and renewed hope. Peter has put me on a totally new path not only for physical healing but clearing the root causes of my disease!
As we heal ourselves we not only heal Humanity but we heal Mother Earth… It is our mission here and WHY WE NEED PETER!!!!” - Mikelyn Kaye McGuire

“Someone that I loved and cared for very deeply passed away 3 weeks prior to my session. He appeared to me during my session. I was holding on to guilt and regret. He reassured me that what we experienced together was pure love and that I needed to let that energy go. I saw him as I remembered him, but my heart felt him as pure love.
I feel very honored and blessed that my journey has lead me to Peter Bulliard. I highly recommend this work for anyone who is open and willing to return to their authentic self.
Peace to all. Love to all. Light to all.” - Susan Leger

“Shamanistic Healing through sessions with Peter has been the profound pivotal point in my healing process. I am a registered nurse, and have sought out a multitude of medical opinions and treatment modalities. Peter’s cumulative approach of shamanism and energy healing is the only healing modality that has addressed the physical, bodily, mental and spiritual aspects of my illness. This approach has brought me to a higher level of awareness of how all are interrelated and must be in harmony for healing of any disease or illness to begin. Upon the first session, I began to have a greater level of awareness of the universal connection between energy, the mind, the body and the spirit, a sense of clarity and hope became apparent. The feeling of physical, mental and spiritual well being following a healing session with Peter is incomparable and far beyond any other medical modality I have utilized thus far.”

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