Release Fear and Anxiety in 1 Day

Using Shamanic Tool & Techniques to Walk the Path of Freedom

If you have even the slightest inkling of fear, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, past traumas, being ‘stuck’, weighed down or not connected to your Source energy then the answers you seek may just be in this book!

This book provides all the tools, techniques and protocols that are ancient, but cutting-edge quantum physics, that will transform all of your maladies into sources of empowerment. These sources of empowerment are already within you and in reading this book you will attain that remarkable and freeing ‘sovereign state of wellbeing’.

The techniques in this book extract ‘who you are not’ and will reveal to you your true ‘authentic’ state of who you were always meant to be. As Albert Einstein says: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking (consciousness) we used when we created them”. You will learn to utilize a completely different consciousness to solve your maladies based on that ‘infinite intelligence’ within you that was always there!

You will discover that wonder-filled ‘Thrive State’ transforming the ‘survival state’ that you ‘think you are’ into characteristics of freedom and authentic love, keyword here is authentic.

If you want to once again experience a beginner’s mind, taking along with you all the wisdom that you’ve gained in all the years that you’ve been in existence then dive into this book head first. You won’t regret it!

About the Author

After beginning his research in energy medicine in 1978, master shaman Peter has traveled and studied extensively in South America and also has trained with many master level teachers from all around
the world.

Realizing how intelligent and incredibly resilient the human body is, master shaman Peter’s philosophy embodies a holistic approach with an emphasis on allowing the mind and body to heal and balance itself, through facilitation on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learning from, training and working privately with over 10,000 clients, master shaman Peter has the realization that we are in a new paradigm, a paradigm that will change the world in a way that’s never been seen before.

Having used these techniques, along with allopathic medicine, to rebound from a malignant brain tumor in 1998, he approaches each client with a sincere and personal interest, helping them achieve the highest sovereign state of well­being possible.

“Western medicine saved my life in an acute situation, but it is this work that is the reason I am still around today.” Medical doctors have called him a “dead man walking,” and he takes that statement as a compliment!

Release Fear and Anxiety in 1 Day

Using Shamanic Tool & Techniques to Walk the Path of Freedom

Chapter 1: The Divine One Within

The Divine One Within is all of your gifts and talents and abilities lifetime after lifetime. It’s the love of your life, the God or Source within you.

Chapter 2: Characteristics of the Divine One

The characteristics of the Divine One Within are love, light, in the moment, of service and neutrality.

Chapter 3: The leveraging out protocol

This protocol is designed to bring our Divine One Within into our hearts. The heart is the main manifestation mechanism that we have available to us. 

Chapter 4: Intrusive energies and entities

Intrusive energies and entities deplete our bodies on all four levels: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and causes confusion.

Chapter 5: Defining spiritual power

Power and sweetness are aligned. Power without sweetness is force.

Chapter 6: Spiritual protection

Spiritual protection is a protocol that protects us from other people’s emotions (energy in motion).

Chapter 7: Inner Visionary channels

We all have inner Visionary channels; inner taste, inner sight, inner smell, inner hearing, and inner touch.

Chapter 8: Integrated Energy Therapy

IET is designed to transform the densities like guilt shame etc. from the 9 cellular memory areas of the body into their complementary opposites.

Chapter 9: Energetic cords

Energetic cords connect us to ancestors and people we love and don’t necessarily love. Keeping that’s from living life to the fullest potential.

Chapter 10: Soul retrieval

Soul loss is a survival mechanism. It’s how our psyche survives pain.

Chapter 11: The three P’s to spirituality

Buddhas last words were ” Matter decays, practice diligence”. Diligence = patience perseverance and persistence.

Chapter 12: Protocols to practice

Several effective and efficient protocols to practice that I have gleaned from the master mentors that I’ve studied with through the years along with my personal downloads.

Chapter 13: Remote healing

Distant healing has to do with quantum entanglement. Einstein:” spooky action at a distance”

Chapter 14: Diaphragmatic breathing

The most effective technique to get into the rest and digest mode.

Chapter 15: Grounding

When we ground ourselves, it enhances our connection to our Divine One Within.

Chapter 16: Decoupling technique

The decoupling technique takes us from the fight or flight mode to the rest and digest mode.

Chapter 17: My experiences

Various profound, mystical experiences that I’ve had in my travels.

Chapter 18: Life After Life

An explanation of why I believe that there is Life After Life and why I do not fear death.

Words to thrive by

Organizing principles on how to lead a thrive lifestyle.

Release Fear and Anxiety in 1 Day

Using Shamanic Tool & Techniques to Walk the Path of Freedom

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